[well-uh-vun hs]: with relevance to the 8 dimensions of wellness.
Of what use are you to your company if you’re fighting ailments caused by lack of exercise, sleep, and poor nutrition? How can you thrive in your work if you don’t find ways to expand your knowledge and skills? How can you maintain strong relationships if you’re always feeling stressed and overwhelmed? We could be here all day. 
The point I am trying to make is that the 8 dimensions of wellness are intricately connected. Each dimension takes acknowledgment, practice and work. If one dimension isn’t looked after and cared for, it likely affects the other dimensions as well.
Step into your whole person by prioritizing self-care and aligning your life. Alignment relies on neither perfectionism nor perfect balance between the dimensions. It does, however, require putting effort towards the dimension(s) that require your attention.
If you’re struggling to embrace your whole person and prioritize self-care, as you juggle all of life’s pieces, I’m here to help.


Wellevance Intentions Worksheet

If you don't identify your intentions [guiding principles] towards the 8 dimensions of wellness, you'll never live the healthy, happy, and fulfilling life you desire.

Overwhelm and inconsistent results stem from taking actions on a daily basis that are incompatible with your intentions.

Integrating your intentions into your daily life is imperative.

This is the first step towards prioritizing self-care and aligning your life.

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