Wellevance 1:1 Coaching

Private coaching for accelerated change.

Wellevance 1:1 Coaching is personalized and focused. We dive deep into your intentions, vision, and goals. We design an actionable plan for you to create healthy habits and align your life over the following 3 months. Your biweekly private coaching calls are scheduled based on your availability. During these calls we work out any difficult issues that come up and keep you on track.

Wellevance 1:1 Coaching is ideal if you prefer privacy over showing up in a group or need flexibility in your coaching schedule. It allows you to really invest in personalized, individual guidance and support to help you create massive shifts in your life.

Here’s what 3 months of working together gets you:

  • A 90-minute discovery session, to dive deep into your wellness challenges and what is holding you back.
  • An individualized action plan for holistic self-care, including concrete steps to take daily and strategies for common triggers so that you can finally make the lasting changes you’ve been seeking in all aspects of your life.
  • The digital Wellevance Workbook provides 30+ pages of guidance and exercises focusing on the 8 dimensions of wellness [physical, emotional, social, spiritual, environmental, intellectual, occupational, financial] to facilitate your lifestyle transformation.
  • 10 lessons emailed straight to your inbox once a week. Each lesson supports an exercise in the Wellevance Workbook.
  • A 60-minute private coaching session every 2 weeks for strategic support and accountability as you navigate your lifestyle transformation.
  • Unlimited secure messaging communication so that you are never alone and have support no matter the situation.
  • One 20-minute SOS call per month so that you have extra support in case of a special situation or circumstance.
  • Membership to the Private Wellevance Facebook Community to connect with other women going through the program, so that you can receive added accountability and support.
  • The warm fuzzy feeling of giving. Your tuition helps support our Children’s Wellness Outreach Workshops.

I work with a small number of private clients throughout the year. These opportunities are extremely limited. If you’d like to be considered for future opportunities please complete the application below.