“I was at rock bottom. I thought to myself: how do I juggle ALL the pieces of life and still be fulfilled at work, at home, in life – as a woman, wife, mother and businessperson? I didn’t realize how much the lack of clarity was affecting me in the business world. I was carrying the weight of life to every meeting, to every conference call. Working with Ashley gave me the opportunity to pause, assess and take action on the things that were holding me back. I couldn’t be more thankful for the work she put in, the positive way in which she challenged me, and the positive affects her course has had in my professional life. For anyone that knows there’s something holding them back and isn’t sure where to start, I’d highly recommend working with Ashley! ” 

Nikki Z. from Virginia

“I did a one-day Wellevance Workshop. It was a fantastic opportunity to take a step back and re-evaluate my life priorities. Ashley helped me work through the stressors in my life to find peace. This allowed me to overcome the mental block I felt in order to make important life decisions. Ashley is caring, easy to talk to, and truly wants to help people live their best lives. I highly recommend working with her! ” 

Brittany C. from DC

“A few years ago I went through some major changes that forced me to recenter my life towards aspirations that were 100% in tune with who I am. Ashley accompanied me throughout this process and to this day, her approach has allowed me to stay focused on what really matters to me, my well-being and the well-being of those that I love. Despite a professional life that keeps me very busy, I remain aware of the other dimensions of my life that keep me happy, enriched, authentic and free. Thank you Ashley.” 

Julie R. from Quebec