The Spice Of Life

Life will never be stress free. Extraordinary experiences come with a certain level of stress. Love, purpose, legacy, etcetera. There are several proven ways to reduce stress, including asana, pranayama, and meditation. But what about the stress that still remains? Kelly McGonigal PhD, author of The Upside of Stress, suggests reframing it.

Allowing stress to fester can have a negative affect on our physical and mental health. Yet, we have the power to make stress work for us.

The Upside of Stress is full of takeaways. These two nuggets stood out the most:

  1. Change your relationship to the every day experiences you perceive as hassles. Take the time to write down your values and then go back each day to note how your day’s activities relate to your values. Reframe the stressful experiences you had to endure into expressions of your values.
  2. Reframe anxiety and nerves as excitement. Channel stress into excitement to be perceived as more confident, competent, and graceful. Use that energy to encourage yourself and make things happen.

I have implemented these two strategies to embrace my remaining stress as the spice of life. Daily hassles are expressions of the intentions I have set for the 8 dimensions of wellness and public speaking excites me.

Give these a try and let me know what you think!

Interested in ready Kelly’s book? Buy a copy by clicking the link below. Happy reading!

The Upside of Stress: Why Stress Is Good for You, and How to Get Good at It



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