Hi, I’m Ashley!

I’m a passionate Holistic Wellness Advocate and the creator of

[well-uh-vun hs]: with relevance to the 8 dimensions of wellness

My free mini course, Wellevance 101, introduces you to the
foundation of alignment through the 8 dimensions of wellness.

Physical, Emotional, Environmental, Financial,
Social, Spiritual, Occupational, Intellectual

The 8 dimensions of wellness are intricately connected.
Each dimension takes acknowledgement, practice, and work.
If one dimension isn’t looked after and cared for,
it likely affects the other dimensions as well.

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“Working with Ashley
gave me the opportunity to pause,
assess and take action on the things
that were holding me back.”
Nikki Z.

“Despite a professional life that keeps
me very busy, I remain aware of the
other dimensions of my life that keep
me happy, enriched, authentic and free.
Thank you Ashley.”
Julie R.